Protecting Your Energy in 2018

Every being on this earth radiates their own energy in the form of vibrations. In this world, energy is constantly transferred from one person to another, from our actions, words, and even our thoughts. If you realized how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought again.  Have you ever spent time with someone who was a negative person who constantly is complaining and blaming others for their current situation? Did you feel drained and exhausted after? Some people are very sensitive to others energy and can have their energy drained from riding public transit or being in large crowds. Electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones and electronics also radiate vibrations that can be harmful or throw off our own vibrations. 

One strategy I use to avoid negative energy from friends and loved ones is to set boundaries. Inform them that you are cleansing your energy, and that they cannot dump their negative energy on you. Take a few minutes to think of friendships that rely on a bond of complaining and judgment of others. The first time I became aware of how many relationships of mine were founded on mutual dislike of a person, I was shocked. The time had come to either re-build these friendships on the foundations of love, or remove them from my circle. 

 For example, say one of your friends calls you to vent about her sister. You can tell your friend,"I feel that this problem would be better solved if you talk to {sister's name} about it directly. Us hashing over it isn't going to change anything but get you more worked up." Change the subject quickly to something more positive. You can do this anytime someone wants to vent to you about someone else. 

This may seem insensitive at first, but you have to remember that you are doing yourself and your friend a favor by avoiding an energy black hole. By recommending that your friend should be discussing her grievances directly with her sister, she will be able to find closure to her issue and the negative energy will dissipate on its own, rather than using your own energy as a buffer. Your energy is protected, and your friendship will be strengthened because you will eliminate gossip as a bond in your relationship. Of course, there will be times where you will have to listen to a friend's story about an unfortunate event, but you can protect your energy and your friend's energy by finding the positive outcomes of the situation, and there is almost always a positive outcome. Once you have trained yourself to think positively, you will see an increase in your own happiness and inner peace. 

There was once a time when I myself was an energy vampire, and so was my sister. We had a toxic friendship for a few years, that has since grown into a more beneficial friendship. I would call her to vent and complain about my husband, and she would validate my feelings. She moved unexpectedly across the world for a new job, and I no longer had her as a vile for my negative energy. This was actually a gift from the universe because it forced me to deal with my issues head-on. 

I lived with an energy vampire for many years. My ex-husband would always find something to complain about, on holidays, family vacations, you name it, he could never enjoy himself. After years of depression, countless prayers and guidance from the Universe, the marriage ended. It was a very expensive and soul-crushing experience. Now when I have to be around him for mediation and court hearings, I have a few techniques that I use in order to protect my energy. Before I see him, I close my eyes and picture iron armor, the kind that warriors in movies wear, and a large iron shield covering my entire body. I concentrate and hold this armor on for the duration of the meeting. One meeting was at the Friend of the Court and lasted three hours. It was exhausting keeping my armor on, but I did not feel as drained as I would have without it, I was able to leave the meeting with feelings of joy and gratefulness that this person was no longer a part of my everyday life.

Once you remove negative people and situations from your life, you will see a powerful shift in your energy levels, mood, and well-being. This changes your vibration and attracts more positive energy into your life. 

Of course, this is only my recommendation on what has worked best for me personally. What are some strategies you use to protect your energy?

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