Natural Stone 7-Chakra Bracelet
Natural Stone 7-Chakra Bracelet
Natural Stone 7-Chakra Bracelet - Close Up
Natural Stone 7-Chakra Bracelet

Natural Stone 7-Chakra Bracelet

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This Natural Stone 7-Chakra Buddha Bracelet is a must-have for a beginner starting Chakra work. It also makes a great gift. 

Each colored stone represents and individual Chakra:

  • Red - Root Chakra - Located at the Base of the Spine, the Root Chakra is grounding and relates to one's connection to the Earth.
  • Orange - Sacral Chakra - Located below the Belly Button, the Sacral Chakra is concerned with Personal Gratification.
  • Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Located below the Ribcage and above the Naval, the Solar Plexus Chakra represents one's Ego.
  • Green - Heart Chakra - Located in the middle of the Chest, the Heart Chakra represents one's ability to Love, and Inner Peace.
  • Blue - Throat Chakra - Located in the Throat, the Throat Chakra represents one's ability to Trust and Communicate
  • Indigo - Brow Chakra or Third Eye - Located between the Eyes on the Forehead, The Brow Chakra governs how one's mind works, and also regulates all of the Lower Chakras.
  • Violet or White - Crown Chakra - Located at the Top of the Head, the Crown Chakra develops one's intuition and connection to the Divine.

Don't suffer another minute from the bad energy around you, this healing chakra bracelet will cleanse the energy surrounding you and open the blockages in your chakras.